About Us

Two women standing behind a display table at outdoor picn
OHS enjoyed participating in the End of Year President's Picnic on the Medford/Somerville campus (May 2022)

Occupational Health Services (OHS) is a medical office caring for faculty, staff, employees, and post-doctoral students onsite at Tufts University. We are a team of nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, and administrative professionals that will provide vaccinations, screenings, and injury management for work-related illnesses and injuries.  In the past, employees who requested vaccinations or needed treatment for a workplace injury had to go off campus. Employees will soon be able to seek medical care on campus. 

The Medford office is now open, sharing space with Jumbo Health in the Steve Tisch Sports and Fitness Center, 161 College Ave, Suite 130. There will be a Boston OHS office opening in summer of 2022. Grafton has an OHS office in the Administration Building, ground floor. Services on the Grafton campus will be expanded to include treatment of work-related illnesses and injuries in late 2022.  

The focus of OHS is to provide free, convenient care to employees to help reduce workplace injuries, and improve health and safety for our employees. This will include preventive care as well as first aid and treatment following an injury or illness. 

Occupational Health Providers

  • This service is available any time of the day or night for all Tufts University personnel (including students) who experience an accident or exposure to hazardous materials while working in a lab.

    Use this option if you:

    • Work in a lab at a Tufts University campus, or
    • Are an employee on the Grafton campus

    Contact the Exposure Response Call Center at 866-360-8100.

  • Use this option if you:

    • Live near or work on the Medford/Somerville Campus

    Occupational Health Services is sharing space with Jumbo Health Center at the Tisch Sports & Fitness Center.  

    161 College Ave
    Suite 130
    Medford, MA

    Hours of operation:  7:30 am - 3:30 pm, Monday-Friday

    Closed on weekends and university holidays

    Call 617-627-6500 to schedule an appointment or to speak to a nurse.

    After hours or in an emergency, go directly to the nearest hospital.

    Mount Auburn Hospital is located in Cambridge at 330 Mount Auburn Street.

  • Use this option if you:

    • Work with laboratory animals on the Boston campus, or if you have an exposure to hazardous materials while working with animals on the Boston campus, or
    • Are a student or employee with the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (either use the Tufts Medical Center option, or follow the site-specific Exposure Control Plan), or
    • Work at the HNRCA

    During business hours (Monday - Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm), contact Employee Health

    • Call 617-636-5480
    • Employee Health is located in 185 Harrison Ave, 3rd floor

    Outside of business hours, go directly to Tufts Medical Center Emergency Department

    • 800 Washington Street
      Boston, MA 02111
  • Use this option if you are:

    • Are an employee on the Grafton campus, or
    • If you work with animals on the Grafton campus

    During business hours, contact the on-site nurse:

    Karen Therrien, RN

    Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University
    Administrative Bldg, Room 013
    200 Westboro Road, N. Grafton, MA 01536
    P: 508-887-4447
    Hours are 7:30 -3:30, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

  • Please call 617-627-6500 to speak to a nurse.